Why Remote Learning Isn’t Just for the Kids

Seniors who are willing to dive into the world of remote learning gain much more than the knowledge from class. Take a look at these four reasons why embracing the technology of remote learning isn’t just for younger generations.

Remote Learning Opens Us Up to New Possibilities

Whether we are aware of it or not, we do continue to learn throughout our lives. Did you read something interesting in the paper today, or even just complete the crossword puzzle? Did you watch a documentary about a fascinating person or event? We are constantly taking in new information, and our brains are wired with the capacity to keep learning – no matter our age. While remote learning might seem a bit foreign at first, embracing this technology is a perfect picture of what it looks like to see ourselves as lifelong learners. If we meet each day with openness to learning and a desire to learn, we’re receptive to all kinds of exciting new experiences that await us.

Remote Learning Is Super Accessible

A wonderful advantage to remote learning is that no matter where we are, how much money we have, or how much time we have, we can still learn and grow! Remote learning is generally a very affordable way of learning, and you can find completely free ways to learn almost anything online. As a senior, you may be eligible for discounts or tuition waivers, too. Since there’s no physical classroom, there’s no commuting, and you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Remote learning also allows you to learn at your own pace. Slow down or replay a class if you need to, or take a break in between classes if you’re visiting with family.

We Can Learn Anything Remotely

Think there’s nothing to interest seniors in the world of remote learning? Take a look at Academic Earth, a catalogue of free online courses from top universities such as Harvard and Yale, covering any topic you can imagine. Maybe you’re interested in brushing up on language skills? Duolingo offers free adaptable language learning that builds on your existing knowledge to help you improve. Senior Planet from AARP offers a busy calendar of lectures covering health and wellness and a variety of topics catered to seniors. Try GetSetUp for classes that help seniors familiarize themselves with technology, or impress your loved ones by learning programming skills for free at Codecademy.

Learning Has Wonderful Health Benefits

Because of the accessibility of remote learning and the way it allows us to learn about anything we want, it’s a great way to pursue lifelong learning – and lifelong learning has tremendous health benefits. Learning helps the brain to stay alert and engaged, so it functions better in all areas of life. It can boost our memory, and studies have shown that it can even reduce the risk of dementia. It can also lower anxiety and stress levels, an important benefit for seniors. Finally, gaining knowledge about a subject can encourage our self-esteem, giving us a chance to teach others what we know and invest in them.

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