The Benefits of Memory Care Programs You Might Not Have Considered

A senior woman relaxes on a couch

Moving a family member into a memory care community is a big decision. It’s understandable that a senior and his or her family might be nervous about this change in lifestyle. Moving to a new setting can feel like the unknown. If a senior is a good candidate for memory care, it’s important to remember all of the positive things that may result from living in this type of community. Change can be a good thing, especially when it makes a senior’s life easier, more social and more accessible.

What is it about memory care that can improve the quality of life for seniors? Having 24/7 support from experienced caregivers is what makes the biggest difference. We are here to help our residents stay on regular sleep routines, take necessary medications, eat nutritious meals, have rewarding social interactions and discover new opportunities for mental stimulation each day. These services are what add up to a more comfortable and rewarding lifestyle when it’s time for a transition to memory care.

Besides the advantages of having 24/7 care and immediate access to helpful resources, some of the benefits of memory care are ones that you may not immediately consider. Below are some of the lesser-known services, features and benefits you will find in Cherrywood Pointe’s memory care communities.

Areas for Hosting

Seniors who live in memory care always enjoy visits from friends and family. Our residents cherish time with their loved ones, so we designed every Cherrywood Pointe community to feel welcoming and comfortable for visitors. From private family time in our apartment-style residences to spacious dining areas serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner, spending time at Cherrywood Pointe feels like home for anyone who steps inside.

Some community gathering areas you’ll find in our community include:

  • Private dining room: Make a reservation to host larger family gatherings in these luxurious spaces.
  • Library: A quiet place to go, enjoy a cup of coffee and read the paper or your favorite periodical.
  • Theater: Kick back and watch your favorite films with the family.
  • Guest suite: Coming in from out of town? No problem. Just reserve a guest suite to stay just a few rooms away from your loved one.

While all of these features are available for our residents and their guests, sometimes families with loved ones with dementia are looking for a quieter experience. Our private rooms provide a comfortable and welcoming setting for a low-key visit.

Comfortable Spaces for Private Time

When your loved one wants to retire to a quieter space, there is comfort in knowing they have their own private room to unwind, read or just clear their head. Designing a room specifically for memory care means thinking about things many people wouldn’t initially consider. Memory care residents have unique daily needs, so our communities incorporate elements that make life more comfortable.

Some of our private room features that improve quality of life include:

  • Safe, plentiful lighting
  • Extra-wide walk-in showers
  • Reduced tripping hazards
  • Secure windows
  • Convenient kitchenettes
  • Simple and accessible storage areas

The initial nervousness that many residents first experience in their memory care community often dissipates once they’ve settled into their thoughtfully designed and welcoming community.

A Good Option for Seniors With Dementia

Building amenities are nice, but it’s the high level of care you will find at a memory care community that is the real draw. Memory care is ideal for seniors with memory-related conditions such as dementia, so if your loved one is experiencing a cognitive decline, it might make sense to get the ongoing support they need in a memory care community.

These types of communities provide a comfortable and safe environment and assistance with the activities of daily life (ADLs). Our staff does everything we can to make each day as accessible and enjoyable as possible. From the time a senior with a memory-related illness enters a memory care community, they are surrounded by caregivers who understand their health-related needs.

Fewer Responsibilities

There’s no getting around the fact that if you live in the Upper Midwest, you’re going to have to deal with some intense weather throughout the year. In the winter, sudden blizzards make it necessary to break out the shovels, so seniors who live in their own homes are responsible for clearing their driveways and sidewalks. Memory care ensures that these household responsibilities are a thing of the past. The main thing our residents need to worry about each day is deciding how they want to relax, learn or create.

Plan a Visit to See Our Memory Care Program

The best way to see what memory care is really like is to step inside one for yourself. Cherrywood Pointe is located throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area, with communities conveniently located near major highways, retail businesses and recreational areas.

We are always available to answer any questions you have about life at Cherrywood or to help you find the ideal residential space for your loved one. Be sure to schedule a tour if you’re interested in learning more about our memory care communities.