Senior Living vs. Assisted Living in Minneapolis

Whether you’re still young at heart and want to be around other people, or you’ve had some health issues recently, senior and assisted living are both great options. Here, we’ll break down the differences between senior living vs. assisted living in Minneapolis, as well as some of the similarities. After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of which living situation is best for you or a loved one.

The Difference Between Senior Living versus Assisted Living

Senior Living

In general, the term “senior living communities” often refers to both independent senior living apartments and assisted living apartments. In this article, however, the term senior living is referring to the more independent option. In independent senior living communities, you’ll have your own apartment on the campus’s premises and all the independence of living on your own. The difference when you’re in senior living and living on your own off-campus, is you have access to many more amenities than you would have in your own home or a regular apartment. They are also maintenance-free. Say goodbye to shoveling during the harsh Minnesota winters, cleaning your gutters in the fall, and mowing the lawn during the humid summers. All of that is taken care of for you!

Senior living apartments have their own kitchens, so you’ll still be able to cook your favorite meals and bake yummy treats. Oftentimes, communities offer meal plans or meals a la carte if you’d prefer to dine in the communal dining room.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great choice for those who require more assistance, whether it’s medical, or just doing day-to-day tasks. You’ll still get your own room or apartment, but you’ll have more help with assisted living versus senior living. You enjoy many of the same amenities and benefit from the maintenance-free lifestyle, however the biggest difference between senior living and assisted living mostly has to do with your health.

With assisted living, you’ll have access to a care team 24/7. There are usually visiting geriatric physicians, and visiting therapies, like speech and physical therapists, in the building on a regular basis. Other medical appointments including audiology, podiatry and vision are usually also available on-site.

If you need or want someone to escort you around the facility, there are staff to do so. If you need your meals delivered to your room or apartment, that is also an option.

What Is Available for Both Senior and Assisted Living?

Many assisted living and senior living facilities offer salon appointments for hair and nails, or a barbershop. Often, both will have access to transportation to grocery stores and other outings if you’re available.

There are communal spaces in these facilities that are accessible to all. Think communal and club rooms where you can visit with friends, play cards, or have your family over for a meal. If you’re interested, these facilities offer chapel access and services for different religions.

Whichever living situation you choose, the goal of senior and assisted living facilities is to make you as comfortable, happy and independent as possible.

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