Senior Living for Couples in Minneapolis and St. Paul

As couples age, it’s natural for roles and responsibilities to change within the duo. One person in the relationship may be struggling with health issues and cannot physically do things they used to. Whether it’s doing tasks around the house, running errands, or any other daily responsibilities they once had, it can become overwhelming for both partners. If the more physically able person feels like they can’t properly care for their partner the way they want to, a great solution is senior living for couples around Minneapolis and St. Paul.

How Does Senior Living for Couples Work?

Senior living for couples in Minneapolis or St. Paul works very much as it would if you were still living on your own. You and your partner still get the independence of having your own space, but instead of living in your home, you have your own apartment that is part of a senior living community. Like any other apartment living, you and your partner would have your own living space, with the normal range of amenities. The main difference is that you would be in close proximity to friendly senior living staff if you were in need of assistance.

What Are Other Benefits of Senior Living for Couples in Minneapolis & St. Paul?

In addition to a continued sense of independent living with your partner, there are other benefits to senior living for Minneapolis and St. Paul couples. These can include:

No more maintenance

Having your own apartment within a senior living community really is the best of both worlds. You get to keep the perks of independent living, but no longer have to worry about house maintenance! All apartment maintenance is taken care of for you— forget the shoveling during long Minnesota winters. Everything maintenance-related is done by staff so you don’t have to worry about it.

Quick access to healthcare

Senior living for aging Minneapolis couples also has the perk of having on-site healthcare staff if one of you needed it. Many independent and senior living communities offer assisted living services right to your senior living apartment. It can be comforting for many couples to know that it’s easy to sign up for additional health and personal care services should your needs change.

Sense of community

One of the biggest perks for Minneapolis and St. Paul couples in senior living is a renewed sense of community. As you and your partner aged in your home, you might not have been conversing with neighbors as regularly or attending activities and functions within your old community. When you live at a senior living community, you get to meet new neighbors, attend events and join clubs with seniors with similar interests, all right where you live!

Facilitated transportation

Some seniors are no longer able to drive which can put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the other member in the couple. A big advantage of senior living for Minneapolis and St. Paul couples is that most senior living facilities offer transportation to and from grocery stores, malls, movie theaters and more. You won’t have to worry about driving in unsafe conditions or getting errands done when you can no longer drive yourself.

Experience Minneapolis and St. Paul Senior Living for Couples Firsthand

At Cherrywood Pointe, we offer some of the best senior living for couples with locations in Forest Lake and Roseville. Schedule a tour at the location you’re interested in, and see how senior living can enhance you and your partner’s lives.