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Trusted Names in Senior Living


Ebenezer is Minnesota’s largest senior living operator with over 100 years of serving older adults. As part of Fairview Health Services, Ebenezer is dedicated to healing, discovering and educating for longer, healthier and more meaningful lives.

Great Lakes Management

Great Lakes Management seeks to preserve the dignity and to enrich the physical, emotional and spiritual quality of life of the people entrusted to their care. Great Lakes Management provides professional and loving personal care and offers healthcare services through its Gentle Touch Health subsidiary.


Learn about Ebenezer’s rich history and its Mission, Vision and Values

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United Properties

United Properties is the developer and owner of Cherrywood Pointe. We are proud to use our real estate talents of more than 100 years to creating inspired communities where seniors can find joy in aging.

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Great Lakes Management

Learn how Great Lakes Management is making a positive difference in the lives of others

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These resources represent only a few that may be helpful to you and your loved ones. There are many options available and each resource should be thoroughly researched to ensure that it meets your individual needs and is appropriately qualified to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cherrywood Pointe affiliated with a specific religion or church?

We provide homes and care for older adults of all faiths. You do not need to be any specific religion to live in our communities. Chaplains do visit many of our communities to provide services such as devotionals, prayer groups, support groups, grief support and one-on-one visits for those who want them.

What healthcare services does Cherrywood Pointe offer?

In addition to 24/7 health and hospice care, specialists such as physical therapists and audiologists frequently visit our communities.

Who owns Cherrywood Pointe?

Cherrywood Pointe communities are developed and owned by United Properties, a Minneapolis-based development company that’s been in business for over 100 years. United Properties is committed to creating inspired communities where seniors can find joy in aging. To make good on this promise, United Properties selects only management partners with the best records and reputations to manage its communities.

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