Moving to Senior Living Sooner Increases Independence and Dignity

At Ebenezer and Cherrywood Pointe, we love talking about Senior Living and Senior Care. But we understand that not everyone is excited to have those conversations, in fact some people put it off altogether. Many people are waiting ‘for the right time’ — which often ends up being a time of crisis. If you’re wondering when the right time is to make a move, the answer is: today. There are many benefits to moving early, when you are able to be a part of the decision making, adapt to change better, and can make new friends and get involved in community activities. Our experts at Ebenezer have shared what they have learned about seniors who ‘make the move early and gradually transition through senior living’ in their blog posting, which can be found by CLICKING HERE. We encourage you to have a read!

Sometimes older adults fear moving to a senior living community would strip them of their independence, but ultimately, making the move sooner rather than later helps to preserve your dignity and independence. Why? If you wait to make the move until after a catastrophic event — like a fall, a hospitalization, or when things have just become too much to manage — the move has to happen quickly and it can feel like your life has turned upside down. This type of rushed move, one without the time to discuss and make decisions beforehand, takes away your choice. It takes away your dignity.

While moving from what has been your home for the past 50+ years can induce fear, we find that moving to a senior living community relieves so many other stressors that may be weighing on you. You no longer have to maintain your home and yard, worry about snow removal — and everything else that comes with owning a home. You have fewer bills to manage, and can now rely on your new senior living community to help you with housekeeping and meals, if you desire. You don’t have to rely on your friends and family for help with those daily tasks, and you will enjoy your newfound independence.

Our senior living communities rival some college campuses when it comes to amenities, and the sooner you move, the better you can take advantage of the fitness center, walking paths, movie theater, gardens and engaging activity programing. You also have more time to meet new people and grow friendships. Even for introverts, simply reading a newspaper in the lobby and waving hello to other residents passing by can ‘fill your cup’ when it comes to social interaction.

Moving into senior living as a younger, more active older adult gives you more of an opportunity to adapt and help you age in place with dignity. Then, when you need care, you’re already in a place you are comfortable. You’re in your home, where staff know you, and a community is there support you and your family as your needs change. This helps you age in place with grace.

To learn more about our Independent Senior Living options, click here, or contact your closest Cherrywood Pointe community to learn more about how to transition from Independent Living to Assisted Living in the smoothest way possible.