Mneme Therapy® at Cherrywood Pointe of Minnetonka

Arts and music improve brain function and make more ‘good days’ in Memory Care.

For those living with or caring for someone with dementia, it can be challenging to stay positive in the face of the disease – we hold out hope for the good days, even just the good moments. But a new program at Cherrywood Pointe of Minnetonka is bringing more of those good moments to the residents (and family members) of our Woodlands Memory Care Neighborhood.

Mneme Therapy® – pronounced “nemmah” – is a whole brain therapy using everyday pleasures such as singing, movement, painting, and story-telling in unique combinations to stimulate neuroplasticity, dramatic changes in the brain. Focused mainly on providing a rewarding experience, Mneme Therapy® has also been documented to show a significant improvement in brain function for some clients after just one session,’ including: verbal skills, mobility muscle issues, visual and spatial acuity, long and short term memory, connecting socially, and more.

Certified Mneme Therapist, Larry Homan comes once a month to Cherrywood Pointe of Minnetonka and meets 1-on-1 the Woodlands Neighborhood Memory Care residents. Larry says he is working his “dream job,” using art to help those with Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. He has been a wonderful asset to Cherrywood Pointe of Minnetonka and their residents.

“It’s been amazing to see the residents really blossom when they work with Larry,” said Life Enrichment Director Carolyn Amborn. “There are folks who have been non-verbal, and when they are doing the Mneme Therapy session, they start talking.”

And the artwork is beautiful too! “Families are in disbelief about what their loved ones with dementia are able to accomplish with this therapy,” says Carolyn. Impressive works decorate the walls of the participants’ apartments – an encouraging and heartwarming reminder to always celebrate and explore abilities and gifts that people can hold on to, despite a dementia diagnosis.

Mneme Therapy® rounds out a holistic program for memory care at Cherrywood of Minnetonka. Mneme Therapy®, along with music therapy from our own Cherrywood Pointe Music Therapist, lifelong learning sessions through the MacPhail Music for LifeTM program, and our new Wellness Coordinator all work together to enhance memory care by improving the quality of life for those we serve.

To learn more about the Mneme Therapy® program at Cherrywood Pointe of Minnetonka, contact Life Enrichment Director, Carolyn Amborn.

To learn more about Mneme Therapy® visit the Art Without Boundaries web site.