Meet the Cherrywood Pointe of Roseville Dimensions Manager

We are proud to offer Ebenezer’s Dimension ProgramĀ® to residents and family members in our Cherrywood Pointe communities. This exclusive program stresses the importance of understanding the needs of a person with dementia, and trains caregivers to respond to them with compassion and creativity.

The Dimensions Program is designed to ensure that our memory care residents receive exceptional, compassionate care that meets them where they are. Our evidence-based practices include:

  • Wellness: person-centered, relationship-based care with an emphasis on hydration and nutrition for all dementia patients to ensure their comfort and well-being
  • Training: delivering innovative, ongoing hands-on education to our staff
  • Engagement: Fostering purposeful, pleasurable, creative interactions/activities
  • Environment: Creating calm, seeking psychosocial solutions/support
  • Education and Support: Providing education and support to families and care partners

Our Corporate Dimensions Coordinator oversees the multi-faceted program, and a Dimensions Manager implements and champions its principles at each community. Our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the life of your loved one.


Allison Ruiter

Allison was born and raised in Athens, Georgia with her three younger brothers. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Music Therapy from the University of Georgia and her Masters in Trauma & Crisis Counseling from Liberty University. Allison began her career as a Home Caregiver before moving on to become an Activities Professional and Counselor in Training. She joined the Cherrywood Pointe team in August of 2020 as the Activities Director and decided to take on the role of Dimensions Manager so she could spend more time with the residents in Memory Care. She is pursuing a doctorate in Geriatric Psychology and licensure in Family Therapy. Allison is passionate about normalizing life with dementia and improving communication between loved ones and their family members as they go through the journey of dementia together.