How to Prepare for Your Move to a Senior Living Community in the ‘New Normal’

Before you ever heard of COVID-19, you may had been considering a move to a senior living community. Perhaps you’ve even found the right community and started putting plans in motion.

At Cherrywood Pointe, we want to reassure those who are feeling like they may need to move sooner, rather than later, that we are accepting move-ins for Assisted Living, Memory Care and Enhanced Care if your current living situation is not safe or you need to move. To give you peace of mind, learn more about how we’re keeping our current residents safe and precautions we’re taking in our communities to keep staff and residents healthy.

For those that are not having an immediate need to move and are having to place plans on hold, you may have questions about what’s next: What will happen to the plans I have made? How long will I have to wait to move into senior living? It’s normal to be uneasy in a situation unlike any you’ve ever known before.

One thing has not changed: All the reasons you had for moving to a senior living community still hold true — especially now.

Community living puts everything you need within reach

Perhaps, during your weeks of sheltering in place at home, you’ve worried about running out of food and essentials — or feared going out in search of them. Maybe you’ve had to be dependent on family, friends or neighbors for errands or favors. Or you’ve worried about how to obtain medical care — of any kind, from tooth to toe — should a need arise. Or emergency home repairs. Maybe you’ve even had bouts of loneliness.

Each of these real-life, anxiety-producing situations are often remedied by living within a well-established age in place senior living community — with its full complement of attentive staff, dining services, interior and exterior maintenance, 24-hour security and on-site health care. Communities also adhere to stringent sanitary and medical protocols and standards — with or without COVID-19.

Plan and organize

Here are some steps you can take now to be ready when the wait is over.

  • Use a comparison checklist. If you haven’t yet decided on a community, here’s your chance to comparison shop — visit websites, take virtual tours, explore social media postings, attend virtual live events, request brochures and speak with staff. Ask questions and take notes. Compile your list of pros and cons. Discuss this move with your children. Here’s our Cost Comparison worksheet to use as a tool.
  • If you have decided on a community, start developing relationships. Chat with future neighbors and staff via phone or video conference. Choose a realtor and learn next-steps for selling your current house. Collaborate virtually with move coordinators and space planners. Stay current with your new community — including the clubs and committees that interest you — through email and online groups. Attend virtual live events. Inquire about exclusive benefits you can enjoy now, before you move in.
  • Divide and conquer your clutter. Decide what you want to keep, give to family and friends, donate, sell, recycle or simply throw away. Imagine your new floor plan and get into the fun stuff — picking out new paint colors, planning room layouts and shopping for new décor online.
  • Speak to your financial planner. Call your financial advisor to discuss your move, and find out if they recommend any adjustments to your portfolio.
  • Get the paperwork in order. When you move to a senior living community and it comes time to sign a lease, you will likely need to identify a Power of Attorney and Health Care representative, and you may need to provide copies of the forms. Make sure you have quick access to your notarized Power of Attorney form and your Health Care Directive.

As we begin to phase back into a “new normal,” you’ll have so many new connections and conveniences to look forward to in a senior living community. Any isolation you may feel now as a homeowner will be replaced by overlapping emotional, physical and even financial support systems. Expect more security, camaraderie, opportunity, adventure and peace of mind.

In fact, prepare yourself for the possibility of liking your “new normal” better than your old one.

We know it’s not easy, and that’s why we’re here to help. Consider us a resource full of options to help you navigate different options available to you, even if it’s not with our community.

If you are in need of resources, support or have a question that we can help with, please contact us.