How to Live Well in a Smaller Space

Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are most often linked to young adults without children. But there is another generation that is now choosing studio apartments. With the senior population on the rise, more people are reaping the benefits of downsizing and living a better life in a smaller space.

The Benefits
Often times older adults are not able to maintain, or afford larger units for an extended period of time. Studio senior apartments are much more affordable and can help you extend your private pay finances should you need financial assistance down the road.

The main benefit of studio apartments for seniors is reducing the amount STUFF you have to take care of. Downsizing means spending less time and money maintaining things and spaces that you might not be able to use or enjoy like you once did. In Cherrywood Pointe communities, there is no yard to maintain, but we offer ample opportunities to be outdoors in our gardens, walking paths and on our decks and patios. Additional benefits include more opportunities for socializing, relationship building, engaging activities and lower overall housing costs.

Decreasing Space, Increasing Life
Cutting back on space (and the stuff that fills it up) can lead to a high quality of life. Tidying up is not just for Marie Kondo! Many older adults who have downsized to smaller senior apartments have expressed that they love they can have great meals (they get served and don’t have to cook) and have great outdoor spaces, many activities to do if they choose and the peace of mind to have care if and when they need it. It’s a great place to live, no matter how much space you have.

What is important to you?
That is one of the first questions that you’ll hear from us. Usually the answers are: safety, quality care, that my loved one can live here forever, that your staff will love them like family. The first time someone sees a studio apartment, they can be a bit taken aback. Yes, it’s small. It’s different from what you have right now. But you’re looking for a change. Think back to why you are coming to look at a senior living community in the first place – safety, care, healthful regular meals, being engaged with others, etc. – often very few of those reasons involved having a large 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. We encourage residents (and their families) to think of the whole community as their home. With less stuff and home to deal with, more focus can be put toward living a better quality of life and a wonderful lifestyle.

We understand that making the decision to move yourself or moving a loved one into a senior living community and also a studio apartment is hard. That’s why we’re here. To help support you, guide you and let you know that it’s okay. It’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to let go of the guilt. So we urge you to try a studio first and if it doesn’t work, go bigger.

Ways to Live Well in a Smaller Space

1.) Pick a color scheme and get some fun art
2.) Get creative with shelving
3.) Use a decorative divider
4.) Get a comfy twin size bed with fun, new linen that matches color scheme
5.) Use curtains to define your space
6.) Make use of every corner
7.) Wall shelves, wall shelves, wall shelves
8.) Double duty furniture (ex: ottoman that doubles as storage)
9.) Pinterest is your friend
10.) Get the floorplan with dimensions and outline what is necessary to bring with and what you can pass along to family

If you want upsize your life and downsize your stuff, contact the Cherrywood Pointe in the location of your choice, and ask to tour a studio apartment today!