How Senior Residential Living Improves Quality of Life

When it comes to overall well-being, quality of life takes priority. From having access to clean water to being able to see friends regularly, feeling secure in your own life and having your basic needs met can make all the difference for your physical, emotional and mental health. It’s when the essential aspects of your daily life start to deteriorate that major consequences can begin to seep in and affect your lifestyle, sometimes without you even realizing it.

4 Ways Senior Residential Living Can Benefit the Daily Life of Your Loved One

As we begin to age, meeting the bare minimum of daily needs can become more and more difficult to do on your own due to chronic pain, illness, memory loss and more. If your parent or loved one’s emotional, physical or mental health is starting to decline, it may be time to start considering their quality of life and how residential care homes for seniors can have a positive impact on it. Here are several examples of how senior residential care can benefit a senior’s daily well-being.

1. A Sense of Community

Living on your own can get lonely and when faced with issues like depression, low self-esteem and anxiety, it can be easy to isolate yourself from the outside world. When living in senior residential living, seniors have access to a full community of support, from neighbors to caregivers. They can maintain their independence by being social and active, reinventing themselves through programs, outings and group activities. Even during the time of COVID-19 when large group activity is limited, residents are still able to connect in small groups with safety precautions in place. And residents always have a team of caring staff around them, who they can turn to when needed. By being part of a community, seniors can begin to feel valued and important, bringing more purpose and quality into their lives.

2. Access to Nutritional Meals

Malnutrition among older adults is more common than you think. As you age, your nutritional needs change and poor-quality food or inconsistent meals can lead to a compromised immune system, peaks in blood pressure and other serious health concerns. Especially during this pandemic, safe access to healthy meals has been hugely important to older adults. Many seniors living in their home during this time report feeling stressed by the tasks of meal planning, shopping (safely), cooking and cleaning up. At residential care homes for seniors, staff and caregivers make sure each resident has access to the benefits of nutritious meals, catering to individual needs and dietary requirements.

3. Less Housework, More Room for Activity

Living in a big house alone isn’t just lonely, it also takes a lot of work. When living in a senior residential care community, cooking, gardening and house maintenance are all taken care of. There is no pressing need to keep up with an overwhelmingly long list of chores, leaving residents with more time for personal interests and hobbies.

4. Focus on Individual Needs

When it comes to taking care of yourself, sometimes the daily habits that can be hard to pin down. At senior residential living communities, seniors are provided structure with a scheduled routine, including times for meals and a list of daily activities. These scheduled days make it easier to get into a routine with other daily tasks, like taking medication and regular bathing habits. Caregivers at senior living communities also get to know their residents and take the time to understand their individual needs, making them feel valued and heard.

Improved Quality of Life, Increased Peace of Mind

For someone who has an aging loved one, senior residential care can provide a sense of relief. Instead of having to worry about whether or not your loved one is eating or socializing enough, or taking the correct medications, you can rest assured that their needs are being met by a friendly staff and welcoming community. At many senior living communities, like Cherrywood Pointe, it’s not only the daily needs that are being met, but health care needs as well. It is very reassuring knowing that living in a community like this connects you to a visiting geriatric physician, nurses, labs, x-rays and more. With a supportive team like this, a health care hiccup doesn’t need to turn into an anxiety-inducing hospital visit.

If you are looking for care for yourself or a loved one, Cherrywood Pointe offers care that is catered to each of our residents, along with amenities that make the transition smooth. From senior living and assisted living to memory care and enhanced care, we provide a comfortable and safe living environment that will keep your loved one active, social and healthy. Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour or request more information from our staff.