Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cherrywood Pointe handling the COVID-19 pandemic?

The health and safety of our residents are always our priority. Since older adults are at a higher risk of complications from COVID19, we’re taking precautions extremely seriously.

If a resident has guests coming to visit in one of our facilities, we require symptom and temperature checks before entering the building. We also have hand sanitizer stations right at the entrance we ask our guests to use. Our staff has access to PPE, and we sanitize and disinfect high-traffic areas as well as tables or spaces in which the visiting took place.

In addition to keeping our communities as safe as possible, we have set some guidelines for family members and other visitors.

Our residents who are fully vaccinated are able to leave their communities for guest visits and are currently not required to quarantine afterward. We ask that while a resident is in public, that they follow the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC’s suggestions about safety protocol (i.e., social distancing, masking, etc.).

For those residents who are unvaccinated, Cherrywood Pointe asks that they contact their facility’s administration to discuss post-outing or visit quarantine plans.

The pandemic has created several inconveniences and we understand that this can be frustrating. We appreciate our residents and their guests’ understanding and compliance while we work through this challenging time.

What’s the difference between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

A resident who chooses the “independent living” package rents an apartment like they would in a regular apartment building. The benefit of living at Cherrywood Pointe as an “independent” resident is the opportunity to participate in activities and entertainment, the choice to eat chef prepared meals onsite, and the choice to have housekeeping.

A resident who chooses “assisted living” also rents an apartment, but in addition to the benefits of independent living, “assisted living” residents receive three meals a day, weekly housekeeping, two loads of laundry per week, an emergency safety alert system, daily safety checks, and access to our 24/7 nursing team.

How much does Senior Living or Assisted Living cost?

Cost of living does vary based on the size and style of apartment, as well as, what services you are interested in having. It is best to speak with our staff about your needs to be able to determine the cost.

What is community life like now, amid the pandemic, for senior living residents?

Due to COVID-19, in-person activities are limited, but are still taking place. We offer a lot of individual activities to help meet the need of our active residents. The calendar is subject to change based on infection control protocol, but lately we’ve enjoyed entertainers, exercise classes, movies in our theater, games, crafts, and much more – all physically distanced, of course. Our residents are also able to give suggestions for what we should offer next to be able to keep them going.

How do you plan for a future move to senior living?

Planning to move into senior living is a big choice. Here at Cherrywood Pointe we do our best to answer all your questions, give you resources, and the time you need to decide. We are here to help you make the best decision for you.

How does a person get in to a Cherrywood Pointe?

Come see us! Talk with our team to see what apartments may be available. If you see something you like, you can reserve that apartment by putting down the Community Fee, and you can work together with us on the next steps in the move-in process. If the apartment of your choice is not available, you can put down the refundable wait list deposit to be added to our wait list for that specific unit. We encourage you to come and visit before you need senior living, especially if you feel there is a specific type of apartment floorplan or view that you will want. The sooner you get on the wait list the more opportunity you will have when the time comes for you to move.

Do you buy or rent apartments at Cherrywood Pointe?

Cherrywood Pointe is a senior living rental community. Our leases are month-to-month, so there are no long-term commitments. Although, we know once you move and get settled in to our community, you won’t want to leave!

Does Medicare or Health Insurance pay for Senior Living?

No. However, your health insurance may help to pay for some of the services you receive while living in our community. Some people may have long term care insurance. Your long term care insurance plan may help to reimburse you for some of the day-to-day expenses for assisted living.

Do I need a doctor’s order to live here?

If you are choosing the Senior Living Service Package, you do not need a doctor’s orders to move in. If you decide to sign up with our Assisted Living, Memory Care or Enhanced Care service options, you may need written doctor’s orders pending an assessment by our health care team. This is especially true if our care team will be assisting you with your medications.

May I choose my own healthcare provider if I live at Cherrywood Pointe?

Yes. You can choose to work with any provider who comes into our community. Or you can continue to go out to doctors’ appointments, as you have been. However, we do have healthcare teams visit each community often, so it can be very convenient for you and your family to take advantage of these regularly visiting teams.

Is Cherrywood Pointe affiliated with a specific religion or church?

We provide homes and care for older adults of all faiths. You do not need to be any specific religion to live in our communities. Chaplains do visit many of our communities to provide services such as devotionals, prayer groups, support groups, grief support and one-on-one visits for those who want them.