Meet the Cherrywood Pointe of Roseville Dimensions Manager

We are proud to offer Ebenezer’s Dimension Program® to residents and family members in our Cherrywood Pointe communities. This exclusive program stresses the importance of understanding the needs of a person with dementia, and trains caregivers to respond to them with compassion and creativity. The Dimensions Program is designed to ensure that our memory care Read More

Moving to Senior Living Sooner Increases Independence and Dignity

At Ebenezer and Cherrywood Pointe, we love talking about Senior Living and Senior Care. But we understand that not everyone is excited to have those conversations, in fact some people put it off altogether. Many people are waiting ‘for the right time’ — which often ends up being a time of crisis. If you’re wondering Read More

Vaccination Has Begun at Ebenezer Communities

We are pleased that federal and state officials have prioritized long-term care residents and their caregivers for COVID-19 vaccinations. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is one of the best ways to protect those living in and receiving care in our communities. This gives us hope for the next chapter in our fight against this virus. Ebenezer Read More

Winter Slip and Fall Prevention for Older Adults

Braving those cold icy storms is no easy feat for anybody, but hazardous winter outdoor conditions can be particularly dangerous for older adults. In fact, statistics indicate that up to 35% of older adults worldwide suffer a major fall each year, and the risk of suffering a fall is significantly higher for those who have Read More

10 Activities to Help Seniors Keep Their Minds Sharp

Unfortunately, declining memory and overall cognitive decline can be a natural part of aging. In fact, although a lot of studies have focused on cognitive decline for those over the age of 60, studies have found that age-related cognitive decline begins in healthy, educated adults when they’re in their 20s and 30s. And although it’s Read More

How to Plan for Your Aging Parents

Planning for aging parents can feel uncomfortable. No one wants to think about the fact that they or their loved ones will deal with emergencies, financial insecurity and eventually death, but it’s an important conversation that needs to occur. Without a plan, you can find yourself unnecessarily stressed. Here are a few tips on how Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cherrywood Pointe Senior Living, Even During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench in most people’s plans for the year. If you were thinking of a move to senior living prior to the pandemic, you might be trying to decide if it’s still a good idea. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve learned a lot about infection prevention and protocols Read More