Assisted Living Help for Minneapolis Seniors

Making the decision on moving your aging parents to assisted living can be a difficult one. You may know they’re no longer capable of managing their quality of life on their own, yet a move to an assisted living facility can be a big transition for them, and not one they’re always immediately keen on. Luckily, there are some ways to help Minneapolis seniors transition better into assisted living.

Find the Right Community

There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to Minneapolis assisted living. Help the senior in your life by touring different communities around their desired location, and take the time to find the right fit. This could include reviewing the amenities, the apartment floor plans, activities, the level of independence, whether or not a community is faith-based, and many more aspects of a senior living community. If a senior feels that they found the right assisted living option for them, this will help them ease into their new home.

How to Pay for Assisted Living

It’s no secret that assisted living can be quite costly. In addition to the monthly rent, assisted living costs can include meals, personal care, medical care costs, potentially utilities, and more. It’s important in the early conversations about assisted living to help the senior in your life discuss how it will be paid for. The easiest option is of course paying out of pocket. Hopefully your loved one has had the opportunity to set money aside for their housing and care as they age, but if not there are other funding sources to look into, including:

  • Medicaid
  • Life insurance
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Veterans benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Social Security

While you’re helping choose a senior assisted living facility, make sure you and your family member are asking facilities different cost-related questions, such as what the monthly fees cover, what may be available for an extra cost,  whether they’re offering any specials, what payment plan options are, etc.

Help with the Packing, and Don’t Forget Sentimental Items

Pack sentimental things including photographs, art, mementos, and anything else that has sentimental value to your loved one. Having the items they love most in their Minneapolis assisted living apartment will help seniors feel at home quicker. They’ll be surrounded by things that remind them of their family, friends and other loved ones, and help fight off feelings of loneliness during what can feel like a major change.

Consider working with a senior move management company to help make for a smooth transition. They can assist with planning what to bring, packing up your house, and setting up the apartment in a way that closely resembles the layout of your house. Residents who have worked with these types of move managers can comfortably settle into bed on their first night in their new home. All the dishes will be put away, the boxes removed, and the only thing left is to start enjoying the benefits of their new community.

Have Honest Conversations with Your Loved Ones

Leading up to the move to assisted living, it’s important to have open communication with the senior in your life to help them feel heard. These conversations can be cathartic for both you and your parent. You’ll have a better understanding of their concerns, and you can work together to find solutions. Make sure to emphasize the positives that come with moving into assisted living. Stress that just because they’re moving to assisted living doesn’t mean they’re losing their independence. They will feel more independent when they are free from the burdens of home ownership and can feel confident in going about their day knowing that help is near should they need it.

Meet Neighbors and Staff

Once a senior is moved into their Minneapolis assisted living apartment, help them get to know their new neighbors as well as staff members. Meeting the neighbors is a great way to acclimate, feel more confident and make friends. Ask about a resident ambassador program or new resident social to help your loved one meet their neighbors. Getting to know the staff is important as well, because your parent will be seeing these people every day, and they’ll feel more comfortable asking for help if they need it.

Enroll in Clubs and Activities

Assisted living homes offer many different groups and activities for their residents to join. Whether your loved one is a card shark, wants to take cooking classes, or wants to spend time in nature, there’s probably a club for it in their new assisted living community. Help the senior in your life learn about the activities their new Minneapolis home offers by reviewing the activity calendar together, and encourage them to jump right in.

Explore What Cherrywood Pointe Can Offer Your Loved One

Cherrywood Pointe wants to help make the transition to assisted living as easy as possible for the seniors in your life. We have multiple locations around Minneapolis and are proud to offer lots of activities, friendly staff, cozy apartments and more. Contact us today with any questions about our assisted living offerings, or set up a tour with your loved one.